J Heroun of JHerounPortrait Specializes in Headshots and Portrait Photography, Boston/New York


Headshot FAQs and Tips



Why do I need a
current headshot?

A well-crafted portrait represents you at your absolute best and ups your game whether competing for jobs, roles, clients, or dates. It’s also a positive indicator of your self-worth and professionalism



Like many people, I’m a bit self-conscious and being photographed provokes anxiety. What can I do  to relax in front of your camera?

It’s important that you’re having a good time because that comes through in your picture. My job is to help you relax, have fun, and enjoy the ride. And if you love music as much as I do, let me know what you like and we’ll play it to help set the mood.  



How long is a session?

Usually between 45 to 60 minutes of camera time, not including preparation, grooming, etc. A full makeup look can take about the same amount of time and double that for hair. It all depends on what you want. But your time is valuable, so we aim to keep your session prompt and efficient.



Can I suggest a location? 

Absolutely. We can take your picture at your home or office, at a park or plaza—anything is possible, just ask.



What's your advice
on what to wear?




We can consult with you on the best options from your existing wardrobe, depending on your objectives. For example, a profile shot for LinkedIn may be styled differently than one for an online dating site. Always keep in mind that solid colors and simple lines eliminate distractions and provide the best results. 

Fine patterns or stripes can cause an undesirable ‘moiré’ effect, which is when a fine pattern, like that on a shirt, clashes with the intricate pattern of pixels on the camera sensor. Props like hats and jewelry can be used with discretion unless it is an integral part of your character.



What about hair, makeup, and grooming?

We can arrange special bookings on-set or you’re free to handle it yourself and arrive prepared. Be aware that professionally applied makeup generally guarantees the best results. However, if you choose to do your own makeup, we can provide a list of pointers.



How can I best prepare for the big day?




There are several things to help make you look your best when arriving on set.

1. Drink lots of water in the days prior to hydrate your skin. And avoid excessive salt intake which causes water retention.

2. Exfoliate your skin and use a mask or have a facial for clean pores. It’s best to do it about three days ahead of your session date to allow your skin to calm down. Be conscious of often overlooked details like trimming nose hairs and flossing to help minimize retouching . 

3. Being well-rested ensures that you’ll be your most radiant.

4. Avoid too much sun to keep your skin tone even and natural.

5. Some men may want to avoid a fresh haircut immediately prior to their session. Give it a week for your hair to relax. On the other hand, guys with fades and highly groomed styles may ignore that advice.



A lot of headshots I’ve seen look over-processed. What’s your approach?


I couldn’t agree more. When retouching a photo, I prefer to preserve an individual’s character, selectively enhancing a subject’s strengths where possible. Distractions like blemishes, skin discoloration or blotchiness, fly-away hair, and so forth are dealt with effectively while preserving natural skin texture and character lines. This kind of retouching is bespoke, individualized for each client, not a series of predetermined actions that apply the same formula to everyone. The final result has integrity, with a human, natural feel. Or, as I’m fond of saying, your best you.



What is your rescheduling
or cancellation policy?

We understand that schedule conflicts can arise. Obviously, the more notice the better, but a minimum 48-hour window allows the possibility of moving someone else into the vacated time slot while rescheduling yours. Less than 48 hours notice, unfortunately, forfeits your deposit.



What if I’m not happy
with my image?

Hey, it happens. But no worries, we will do whatever it takes, at no additional cost, until you’re pleased with your portrait.